Founded in Hopewell, Pa. in 1963, Stoudnour Petroleum, Inc. is a family owned and operated business specializing in home heating.

Stoudnour Petroleum, Inc. relocated to Saxton in July 1966 and upgraded to its current location in August 2014. With a new bulk plant to operate from Stoudnour Petroleum, Inc. began to entrench its customer base within a 25 mile radius of Saxton. It did so by supplying heating oil and burner service to its many customers.

In addition to selling heating oil and maintaining customers heating systems, Stoudnour Petroleum, Inc. also delivered gasoline to numerous service stations and with more homes heating with fuel oil, they became proficient in installing entire heating systems utilizing hot air furnaces and hot water boilers.

Today 50+ years later Stoudnour Petroleum, Inc. continues to service their customers with knowledgeable personnel and quality products.

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